Sun as inflammation, longchamp burning sun poured down from the sky, so that was a whole piece of land is in transpiration among the weeping willows, convergence with foliage, longchamp bags sickly appetite. That piece of open space in the projection of being cut willow branches and a bright spot in the open, and hundreds of shadow quietly sit cross-legged, slightly astringent which is a group of young men and women, but this time, they are face serious Weibi the eyes, respiratory breath between presenting a very rhythmic sense, and with breathing breathing, their whole body, as if with the naked eye is difficult to distinguish the subtle glow appears. Quietly breeze blowing from, flowing clothes, but added a bit spectacular. In this figure in front of hundreds of channels, with a stone, the stone platform, the same figure with a quiet sit cross-legged, his hands in front of consistency, fingers crossed, eyes closed, as if it were some kind of practice into the state being. This figure is also a teenager Road appearance, he has a soft and slightly disheveled hair, innocent face yet also seemed a bit thin, people look with a rather uncomfortable feeling. And yet, at this boy's whole body, longchamp bags being with visible light bloom, and in that light, as if one has a mysterious energy, are rushing into his body. Rock audience, some of the boy suddenly opened his eyes and quietly, they looked at the stone platform that juvenile whole body light, are all could not help but lick mouth, revealing the face of some envious admiration of color, and then it kind of quiet their voice is whispering began to break. "Longchamp bags online really powerful, we are still sensing the world of Reiki, he had successfully into the Smart Jin territory, the first person we really worthy of Eastern Hospital in session, ah." "Ha, that is, of course, not to mention the East hospital, and I think the whole longchamp same age, I'm afraid a few people can no longchamp bags online and over. "longchamp front of a stone platform teenager boy seems quite familiar, he could hear everyone whispering , could not help but proud smile, a low voice: "longchamp bags online but was selected out participated in" longchamp bags outlet "people, our entire North spiritual environment, and may longchamp bags online a person has ended, you should also know to participate in" longchamp bags outlet "are what perverted it? our northern spirit throughout the year but because of this boiling for a moment, from there who are all basically be the last" five Academy "Give scheduled for." "longchamp le pliage ? "Many teenagers hear this extremely bright for them names, all could not help but swallowed, eyes full of longing and fiery color, there can be regarded as the ultimate dream of all young hearts where only but "five Academy" single extreme harsh able to enter them, could there be a genius posture, if anyone can enter one, longchamp bags would really be a promising.

Many young girls looked at longchamp le pliage, which is something even the longchamp spirit throughout the entire North is nothing secret that they regret, they also quite curious, they want to know exactly what the reason is because this was so also has excellent sort of arrogance that they are convinced longchamp bags online, actually will be expelled out of the initiative that "longchamp bags outlet". That boy Pielepiezui Huiyi, disapproval and said: "Well, certainly that" longchamp bags outlet "someone jealous longchamp bags online, That means he unseated use, but that's okay, with the ability longchamp bags online, sooner or later can also enter the "longchamp" to make people understand that when the natural. "many teenagers take along a message after the first, although they also know that they mouth the longchamp bags online is extremely talented, but five homes are not so well into the ah, after all he then "longchamp bags outlet" in practice only a year, far from the successful completion of the practice, which with those from "longchamp bags outlet" true genius evildoer out compared to some should still be worse. But in their Yuehua Jian, a chipper suddenly fly from the stone platform, and then thrown on the forehead that Huiyi boy, condemning along came a chuckle: "longchamp bags, you really do when I was a decoration? Believe it or not I told Mo division, so you have to stay next vacation homes in East tutoring practice? "Many young girls busy looked up, and saw the stone platform was already practicing the boy opened his eyes, dark eyes like the night sky, where the full Reiki in its mouth, but also hold in mouth hint of a smile, that smile sunshine and soft, like a finishing touch in general, so too young face, get a little cool up. Have to say longchamp le pliage, this is a quite taste Shaonian Lang. "Hey, longchamp handbags finally put some fake, I looked back Lele also refers to it, my father if I know I did something so shameful, not kill me can not." That Huiyi boy clutching his forehead, hehe straight smile. Around young girls also laughter loud, lively atmosphere. "You know your father fierce, the March of, you can not if more agile Jin into the environment, you wait beating it." Boy shook his head that was called longchamp bags, the snappily said.

Longchamp biting of lips, my mind whenever passing a dark are burdened with a two-edged sword, with a slim figure, beautiful face of indifference and black skirt girl. Between shadows beating, that dazzling bright as the Milky Way-like silver hair, is also flying along. Is this mysterious apathy, practicing them feel crazy girl, in that longchamp bags outlet, and somehow kill him for six months, and that was the reason longchamp teeth so that he saved her once. However, in the end he was forced to leave, she did not hesitate to be the first stop on his sword in front of people. Always thought that not much emotion, has the potential to become a little face troubles level showing the slightest cold at that time intended to kill, longchamp bags also could not resist some trance. Really miss ah. "Oh, this is not the spirit of our northern border that only participated in the" longchamp bags outlet "small longchamp bags online yet? Again with people practicing ah? Mo division really is discouraged How about you." And in longchamp le pliage sink in that invasion mixed feelings when, suddenly has a slightly raspy voice, his face calm looked up and saw Debu distant figure suddenly has a dozen road slow way, led by a man that is a face unruly teenager, his mouth at this time is to lug grass, smiling, looking at the longchamp le pliage. "Longchamp le pliage, longchamp bags on sale you who run our Eastern Hospital do? Looking beat not?!" That boy was previously called longchamp bags see these people, but it is looking sank, stood up and sneered . Shua! The hundreds of students on the open space of Eastern Hospital, also in this case to stand up, his eyes looking at these poor come, the number of coming together, but added considerable momentum. In this longchamp, and is divided into East between hospital and longchamp bags on sale, both houses often have a variety of competitive, but overall, the past has been a strong longchamp bags on sale at Eastern Hospital, longchamp bags on sale in front of the East School students are also mostly avoid the walk, but this year, the situation is changing a lot, and the reason for this change is because of the presence of longchamp. March prior to a session of both houses of the students in a competition, longchamp bags on sale this session ranked third longchamp, longchamp bags lost in hand, it touches on so many students get out of the Eastern Hospital foul smells, which is also longchamp bags on sale was the arrogance of some weaker.

And now, these longchamp bags on sale, even ran provocative longchamp bags, which allows them to get some forbearance longchamp le pliage. "Oh, now really getting Joseph East Hospital, thought out longchamp bags would really tell us longchamp bags on sale destabilize not?" That longchamp le pliage Eastern Hospital to see a lot, but it is not made the slightest fear of color , but is a write-mouth, not far from the finger pointing high tower, grinned: "? you dare try hands" longchamp cast their eyes look away, I saw too high at that stage, longchamp le pliage with a number of figure, that figure is smiling, looking at the side, and after a bit to see those familiar faces, longchamp, who are looking for a change has changed. "Yes longchamp bags on sale day session of the seniors ..." In longchamp, not only into something both houses, but also divided into two world while they are in session longchamp, now these people high platform, they is longchamp bags on sale day of the session of the seniors, strength than their naturally to many powerful. And they are looking at the longchamp therefore change, and that the day of the session high platform seniors also condescending laugh at them, talk to each other. "That is the East homes longchamp bags right? Now, but we longchamp even celebrities throughout North Spirit did not expect this kind of age on Jin into agile territory, although only the initial Smart habitats, but are also eligible to ascend day of the session, but added much ah . "" is pretty good, Eastern Hospital touches out of a talent, so he later ascended Eastern Hospital day of the session, we longchamp bags on sale day of the session would be afraid of some pressure, oh. "" This kid is said to be selected to participate. "longchamp bags outlet "it, but do not know why being expelled out, was quite funny the first time I heard this kind of thing." "could there be the wrong person, this threw him come?" in which these people , with a red girl, her slender figure, skin like snow, a beautiful oval cheeks looked somewhat charming, she was lazy leaning against the railing, beautiful eyes look narrow space on the faceoff, then gaze the boy stays in the body called longchamp le pliage, and seems great interest. "Oh, longchamp australia, you seem to be related to this longchamp handbags also recognize you?" One-day session with seniors smile, everyone from the station, it is clear that she is the center of the small circle. "Ah, whose father was one of the main north spiritual realm, and my father can be considered some relationships, a child had played together." That girl is called longchamp australia casual road.

longchamp australia narrow beautiful eyes blinked, she looked not far from the straight sit cross-legged body, this time with a beam penetrating willow branches, just fall on juvenile master in the face, a touch of light to form a circle arc, comfortable and good-looking, which made her Weizheng a little too vaguely remember as a child can also follow her ass behind that little boy, but then he'd no compelling place, she is not give too much attention, but who would have thought, now this relationship somewhat estranged from each other teenagers, but it is able to become "North spiritual environment," the only one to get to participate in "longchamp bags outlet" qualified person, then longchamp bags North spiritual environment described in this limelight heyday, the kind of limelight, until he was suddenly expelled after "longchamp bags outlet" just beginning to fade. "As a boy thing, how can I calculate what like." Longchamp australia seems to care smile, but his bright eyes looked longchamp bags a multi-touches, with the latter now entering longchamp, also began to emerge, although not become longchamp first person, but was such a good person like this kind of thing coming out, or some face, even though she knew perfectly well that it was in fact the majority of rumors ingredient in her, but so age girls, after all, is some vanity. "Haha, longchamp australia vision may generally, longchamp le pliage although this is pretty good, can also make longchamp australia tempted reach the point where you do not see even longchamp le pliage? Longchamp That was our seventh overall standings cattle, now all throughout the mid-Jin into the Smart, which longchamp bags and he is still a little gap ratio. "" It seems our longchamp, so too can look a longchamp australia, also longchamp le pliage Big Brother. "longchamp le pliage the name came out, even those seniors who are look-day session paused, apparently felt no pressure. longchamp overall standings first, longchamp le pliage, whose father is the domain master North Lingjing largest domain Wal prominent. Whether from the appearance or strength or background, it is a readily be able to attract some girls in longchamp issued in the name of animal in nature. In the eyes of the students longchamp bags on sale, and everyone knows that longchamp le pliage longchamp australia go with micro close, although so far still not be proud of this little flower longchamp bags on sale off, but wanted to be just a matter of time.

If longchamp bags is successfully passed the "longchamp bags outlet" of experience, to get into the "five homes' qualifications, that fame is naturally able to drown longchamp le pliage, but unfortunately, he did not know how it turned out to be expelled came out. As a result, the two men who then put together if compared undoubtedly only make others laugh too. They looked at the longchamp le pliage high platform longchamp bags on sale seniors, for a time also some weak momentum, especially when they saw the girl named longchamp australia, the fiery eyes first, then he is shrinking faint, which but the real man of longchamp, that and other followers, even they both have a lot of Eastern Hospital. "Hey, longchamp bags online, it is longchamp bags on sale longchamp australia's sister, ah, you talk to a child like her ..." longchamp, whispered hehe smiles. longchamp heard, could not help but white at him, he does have a child with longchamp australia over the intersection, but that age, which know what is like, just simply just want to find a playmate, all these years with his father and longchamp australia discord between father, the relationship is also increasingly alienated, this rumor, I really do not know when the rise of the past. longchamp bags helplessly shook his head, then looked at the face of provocation longchamp le pliage, on top of the body, with a touch of the spiritual power of the light that comes out, he is also slowly clasped palms. "There is, then hastened to speak." few people looked at longchamp the high table not far from the line of sight on that road just fine shadows paused, then recovered eyes: "While they were there, but I want beat you, even if they stopped me, you have to suffer a meal by the flesh. "for longchamp bags on sale Jiaokuang these guys, he is also somewhat hi. That longchamp le pliage longchamp hear these words, her eyes suddenly angry, but he Gang Yu wrist, but it is seen longchamp le pliage mouth slightly a sip, that Yi Sha, gentle boy had seemed bright face, but it is suddenly has an inter-Stern flavor comes out, under the kind of solemn, as if a razor Chill and Ling Lie. Feeling as if the clouds quietly surging lazy Waking of Insects, inadvertently exposing sharp towering. The sense of taste, certainly not of this age are able to have the boy alone.

longchamp le pliage mouth of the wrist is life and life is swallowed down, he looked surprised and bewildered at this time longchamp bags, changing complexion look, for the latter's strength, he apparently also some fear, the last time they beat longchamp bags longchamp bags on sale Xue East to the session, he can now live it. "Oh, it is really a very little insolent." High platform that several longchamp bags on sale day session of the seniors also heard the remark, immediately could not help but pick eyebrow, feeling somewhat good-looking face, especially where there is a longchamp australia present. longchamp australia also looked a little surprised longchamp le pliage, presumably did not expect the seemingly gentle boy, so it will have a strong masculine side, which is the year of the little boy is not the same as it seems. Aside several longchamp bags on sale day session of seniors is the high jump could not stand up, slowly walked over, and saw them coming, longchamp bags, who are a step back, look in full alert . longchamp australia seeing this, did not block down, she was a person longchamp bags on sale, but she also wants a little look in her eyes that once seemed ordinary little boy, after an extraordinary aura faded childhood, what it really has a dazzling light. longchamp le pliage seeing this, his brow slightly wrinkled, but between that look but did not have much fear, although they are all-day session of the seniors, but the strength is just in its infancy agile environment, longchamp really want to fight, they are not necessarily able to discuss the benefits. Chide the sudden sound, so too are the people hesitated, turned around and saw a dozen road Debu figure walked away from, in that the head office, is a tall girl, girl longchamp as ink, sketch has caused a graceful curve, cheeks Qiaomei, black hair was pulled into a pony tail slender slim straight legs, and that the degree of beauty, but added no way inferior to that longchamp australia.

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