Our Team

Nathan Garlick

Nathan’s passion for baking started at a very young age when, at 14, he began working for a small, family owned pie and cake bakery. His desire to learn allowed him to master baking every product line, impressing his bosses.

By learning on the job the old fashioned way, and training as a Pastry Cook at the East Sydney Technical College, Nathan soon began impressing his bosses with his outstanding attention to detail, and high level of commitment. After 10 years refining his skills, and perfecting his style of baking, it became apparent that the next step was to venture out, and create his own line of premium quality products.

Nathan now supervises and directs a carefully picked team of qualified Pastry Cooks and assistants who share his passion to produce the best pies and pastries available.

Nathan brings the passion, experience and technical knowledge to a business that takes pride in the quality of the product. A key focus for Nathan, is to ensure a flexible and dynamic range of products are available to the public. His hands-on approach and strong work ethic help guarantees the highest quality product is maintained at all times.

A Wholly Owned and Operated Australian Family Business
...and Proud of it!